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How To Become A Sketching Machine?

Easy Tips To Become A Sketching Machine and Become A Successful UI/UX Designer.

1. Buy books and pens

2. Draw the mobile outline

3. Sketch daily 

But let’s do this in a proper way. 

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Before I tell you the hack, you need to keep your right hand on your heart and repeat.

before i tell you the hack

You are holding your phone in your right hand, Now keep it in your left hand to do the activity.  

I (YOUR NAME) will never and ever start designing before I make a wireframe sketch.

i your name will never ever

Do not feel shy to do it.  

The heart is on the left side in case you skipped the step because you were confused about where your heart is.

heart is on the lift side

Lol, Even I googled it. Got confused.  

Here are 3 easy steps you need to do to become a sketching machine.

here are 3 easy

The disclaimer written below in the next slides is for people who really want to archive something.  

Buy a dotted pattern book and few fine liners. You can also buy blank sheets if you don’t have the money.

buy a dotted pattern

Amazon: Factor note notebooks + Uniball Uni tip. An average person spends 899rs on Netflix per month.  

Draw 2 mobile outlines on each page, Us of a scale or ruler is a must, you lazy person.

draw 2 mobile

Screen size: 15cm*7cm 15cm because you won’t have a 30cm scale and also. Because phones are not that big.  

Now wireframe daily before designing and posting it on Instagram.

now wireframe daily

How to gain followers? Start posting the wireframe sketch with the final design, and people might think you are a pro designer as newbies don’t wireframe.  

Pros and Cons?

pros and cons

You need to do it. There is no choice. Unless you don’t want to be a successful UI/UX designer.  

Do you sketch your wireframe before you start designing?

do you sketch your wireframe

Let me know in the comments! Thank you!  

Rushabh Kulkarni
Rushabh Kulkarni
A 21-year-old designer from Mumbai, India creating aesthetically functional designs every day and inspiring upcoming designers.


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