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How To Create Your Design Portfolio? (Step By Step Guide)

Step by step guide on creating your design portfolio! Whether it’s for showcasing your work for a job interview or for a freelance opportunity – the basics don’t change much. I created my first job portfolio only about a year ago! Had my corporate portfolio from my design agency before that; the fundamentals for creating both being the same. The purpose of both portfolios is also the same – to put yourself out there.

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A quick guide to designing a portfolio.

Quick guide to design portfolio

Follow the steps below to see how to create your very own design portfolio.

  • Talk about yourself
  • Have a clear guide
  • How to choose projects
  • What goes in the portfolio
  • Be consistent
  • If you don’t have client work

About you

design portfolio -about you

Introduce yourself. Talk me into your brain and why you picked a particular project to work on, I have to understand you and your involvement moving forward.  

A clear guide

design portfolio - clear guide

Show me a glimpse of the projects that are in your portfolio. Have a summary page in the beginning. Always start by mapping it out on paper, so you have a direction.

The projects

the projects

Presented as a case study, highlight your role and detail it to cover every step in your process. Make sure it looks good and organized well.

What goes in?

Pick the projects that display your area of interest the best. I don’t want a jack of all. I want someone who specializes and is passionate about one area of design.



Maintain an overall theme so that it doesn’t look visually heavy with too many colors and fonts. Have supporting images wherever possible.

Don’t have clients?

design portfolio clients

Just because it wasn’t a paid client project doesn’t mean you can’t put it in your portfolio. That’s perfectly okay! It can be based on a hypothesis or an assumption.

design portfolio

A lot of people struggle with their portfolios. I hope you can take that away now! I am happy to answer any doubts. If you do not have client work to show, don’t be afraid – there are still ways you can have a professional portfolio!

Do you want me to detail out one of my portfolio case studies? Do you want to know where you can make an online portfolio?

Let me know in the comments below! Stay up to date! Keep creating!

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Adesh Bhansali
Adesh Bhansalihttp://adeshbhansali.com/
I am a keen design enthusiast and am always looking to make existing things better! With a Post Graduation in Design + Innovation from ISDI Parsons and a PG focused in Marketing Management, I am always looking for new opportunities to grow myself. I have a strong business development background and experience with growing several startups. I love scuba diving and enjoy playing board games.


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