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Key Principles That Will Help You Design Better Charts!

Depending on what you want to show, here is an overview of the most common chart types:(You need to understand these 4 types to design better charts)

4 types of charts


  • Pie Chart Stacked column chart Stacked area chart Waterfall charts.


  • Column chart Bar chart Line chart Radar chart.


  • Scatter Chart Bubble chart.


  • Histogram chart Scatter chart.

⁣Let’s see a few quick tips that how we can improve and design better charts which leads to better UX.

Pie and Donut Charts

Pie and Donut Charts

  • Don’t use pie charts if you have more than 6 categories.
  • Don’t use pie charts for similar values.
  • Don’t use pie charts if the value doesn’t add up to 100%.
  • Order slices according to their size.

Bar and Column Charts

Bar and Column Charts Bar and Column Charts2

  • Always start the y-axis at 0.
  • Use a horizontal bar chart when you have long labels.
  • Order data series unless you are working with data.
  • Use contrasting colors for greater clarity when presenting data.

Line Charts

Line Charts

  • Avoid comparing more than 5-7 lines.
  • Don’t use line charts if not comparing values over time.

Area charts

Area Charts

  • When using overlapping area charts make colors transparent.

Final slide

Learn more about Chart design principles in here.

Chart Design Principles

How to Choose the Right Chart for Your Data

John Wolf
John Wolf
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